Brace Yourself For a Stunning Smile – Orthodontics For Your Child

Pediatric dentistry 509x480 - Brace Yourself For a Stunning Smile - Orthodontics For Your Child

As parents, most of you will be generally concerned about your children’s health. You take them to the doctor whenever needed without delay. But the same cannot be said about their dental care and visiting a dental clinic in Dubai. Children are often seen as quite scared of their dentist due to fear of pain. However, as parents, it shouldn’t stop you from routinely taking your kid to a pediatric dentist, who is an expert in handling children and their dental needs.


Children who had the habit of thumb sucking in their earlier days will often develop orthodontic issues later in their preteens and adolescence. There are reported cases of children with improper skeletal growth who later on suffer from under/overbite, cross bites, open bites and crowding of teeth as they grow. Such children are in dire need of early orthodontics intervention according to pediatric dentists in Dubai. In others, the need for treatment happens later in their life.


Orthodontics For Children


Early intervention


Pediatric dentists suggest starting the treatment early in children as young as 7 who suffer from orthodontic issues for best results. The first phase of the treatment mainly focuses on studying the child’s dental structure. This is done by taking dental x-rays and jaw models to decide the best course of treatment and frequency of follow up visits.


The main objective of this early intervention is to make sure that the permanent teeth have enough space for growing. After the first phase, the new teeth are allowed to grow naturally. Retainers are normally avoided in children to allow natural growth of teeth in children. This is called the resting period. The position of permanent teeth is not final as they require a phase two for complete correction.


Phase two


Pediatric dentists suggest starting phase two only after all the baby tooth has been replaced by permanent teeth. This phase is similar to normal orthodontics treatment provided, where the dentist fixes dental braces on your child’s teeth. This will bring the tooth to proper positions within his or her mouth, and thereby give their dentures a proper structure. After the second phase is completed, your child’s / teen’s lips, teeth cheeks and tongue will work together providing him or her with better oral functioning and a beautiful smile.


The full upper and lower braces are usually fixed permanently on their teeth during phase two. The pediatric dentist will ask for regular follow up visits, where he will tighten the braces, to push the misaligned teeth back into position. Children/ teens will be asked to wear a retainer for a while after removing the braces to ensure the teeth gets fixed in their permanent spots. This helps maintain both the smile and dental alignment

As parents, your child’s health is your top priority. So, take time and effort to ensure your child’s dental care right from the age of 3. Encourage good oral habits and make sure to take him or her to your pediatric dentist in Dubai at least two times a year.