Laser Dentistry – Answer To Your Dental Woes?

laser dentistry - Laser Dentistry - Answer To Your Dental Woes?

You might have already heard about laser dentistry, which is a minimally invasive option for treating gum issues, cavity treatment and other oral issues.  The best dental clinics in Dubai use lasers which are extremely focused beams of light to alter or remove tissue in small amounts. The technique is widely used for removing overgrown tissue, reshape gum or to whiten teeth. Being a minimally invasive technique, it is also ideal for children who are scared to go to a dental clinic.

Laser dentistry is an effective method to perform many dental procedures on both teeth and gums. The most frequent uses of laser dentistry are listed below-

  • Detecting cavities
  • Prepare tooth for filling
  • Minimize tooth sensitivity
  • Crown lengthening
  • Reshaping gum
  • Free up tongue moment
  • Remove soft tissue inside the oral cavity

Laser dentistry got approval by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States in the year 1990. Ever since it is used on patients seeking safe and comfortable dental treatments.

Basically, there are two main types of lasers used by dentists for various procedures. These are the hard and soft tissue lasers. Both techniques use a different wavelength that makes it appropriate for cutting into either the teeth (hard tissue) or gums (soft tissue). The science behind lasers is that each kind of tissue absorb different wavelengths of light in different ways and thus giving the desired results.

Hard tissue lasers

This is used primarily for your teeth. The wavelength of this laser is known to cut through water and bone, specifically calcium phosphate in your teeth. This laser is therefore used specifically for removing small amounts of the teeth for preparing or shaping purposes. This laser helps to detect cavities, deal with tooth sensitivity and prepare teeth for fillings.

Soft tissue lasers

These lasers use a light wavelength which is easily absorbed by water and haemoglobin. As haemoglobin is a molecule found in blood, this lase is ideal for soft tissue lasers idea for gum treatments. At the same time, some soft tissue lasers are diode lasers, which are a continuous- wave laser.

Soft tissue lasers can easily cut into the soft tissue of the gum while sealing off the exposed blood vessels simultaneously. This is why people who undergo laser treatment doesn’t bleed very much during the procedure. The laser is used for lengthening crowns, easing tongue moment, reshaping gums and remove tissue folds indentures.

Why laser dentistry remains popular?

Specialized dental clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi use laser dentistry to ensure better oral treatment solutions to all their patients. Laser dentistry procedures are easier with very fast recovery time. There is minimal bleeding and lesser chances for infections as the laser sterilizes the treatment area on the go. During soft tissue procedures, sutures are not required and damages to surrounding tissues are minimised effectively.

So if you are looking for a painless, less invasive procedures, talk to the best dentists in our dental clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to know more about laser dentistry and opt for the procedure.