Recovering from C – Section: Tips To Help You Heal Faster

c section recover - Recovering from C - Section: Tips To Help You Heal Faster

When you are an expectant mother, all you think of is the day you get to meet your baby. You look forward to holding him in your hand and feel the swell of love in your heart. All seems fine and filled with excitement until the day of labour. Most women would tell you that giving birth is a painful process and is something they don’t want to recollect. Some women, however, will have to undergo a cesarean section or c-section, which might sound like a painless option at first.


However the process of recovery after a c- section is much harder than that in case of vaginal birth. If you just underwent one, or your doctor is suggesting one for keeping you and your baby healthy, read this to know more about your path to recovery.


Recovering from C-section


Immediately after your c-section, you will be moved to a post-operative ward and will be under observation. Like in the case of any major surgery, you need round the clock care at this point just as you come into your senses after the anaesthesia wore off. However, you will be allowed to hold your baby and breastfeed him.


You will have to stay at the hospital for a few days after your c-section to ensure your health. Normally at this point, you will be put on a liquid diet so that it doesn’t put much pressure on your digestive systems. Your nurses will massage your abdomen to push the uterus in and will be asked to move around a bit. Although these steps seem strange, the movement actually helps with the healing.


Once you are discharged from the hospital, you are on your own in your path recovery. Strictly follow these simple steps for fast recovery after a c-section and ask your spouse and other family members to help you out at all times.


Rest Whenever You Can


For complete healing after your c-section, you need six weeks of complete rest. Although it might seem hard, with a baby demanding most of your time and attention, it is important for you to get a lot of rest. Rest whenever your baby sleeps, which will give you uninterrupted hours of sleep or rest. Ask your spouse, relative or friends who are willing to help with the diaper changes whenever possible. Get rest throughout the day, whenever possible.


Care for yourself


During your recovery time, avoid using the staircase as much as you can. Make sure to keep everything you need for your baby’s care nearby so that you don’t have to get up from your bed and move around quite often. Make sure that you are not lifting anything heavier than your baby. If you have an older child who is old enough to understand things, let him or she knows that mom needs good rest and ask your spouse or relatives to care for them.


Take extra care when you have to laugh, cough or sneeze, by holding your abdomen to protect the incision site. Ask your doctor before going back to any physical activities including exercises and driving. Walking can help with the healing. So take light walks whenever you are not resting. This helps prevent blood clotting and constipation.

Just like you care for your physical health, take care of your mental and emotional health too. Talk to your partner, doctor or a therapist if you feel too much exhaustion or sadness post delivery. Postpartum depression, if diagnosed needs proper treatment.


Take your painkillers without doubt


It is not unusual to feel abdominal pain post-c-section. Depending on your level of discomfort, your doctor will prescribe you medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


Eat well and stay hydrated


Just like your pregnancy time, your nutrition is important when you are recovering from your delivery. Remember that when you breastfeed, you are your baby’s primary source of nutrition. So make sure to stick to a healthy diet. You must also drink plenty of fluids, especially water, as this will boost your milk production and avoid constipation. Good nutrition also helps your body heal after a c-section.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy during your recovery time. Consult your gynaecologist to know more about c-section in Dubai.