Dental Veneers in Dubai Alternative Way To Replace Broken Teeth


The thought of dealing with chipped teeth is quite stressful, as you’re unsure whether you have to proceed by removing the broken tooth as a whole or if you have a mechanism by which you can simply cover it up, restoring the tooth to its previous flawless appearance.

Dental veneers in Dubai now facilitate you with the opportunity to have porcelain casings fixed to your original tooth without any intrusive processes taking place. While this option has grown to be immensely famous due to its painless procedure, and lack of recovery time; it is considered to be more of a cosmetic dentistry procedure as opposed to a medical procedure. This process is ideal for those of you of any age and could also be a long-term option for you if you wish to have lighter teeth, as these porcelain casings could be custom designed for you in the shade you wish, upon preference.

Even if you’re someone that is constantly busy and has no free time on their schedule, our dentists can provide you with two paths of treatment. The first is to have your veneers treatment done within a day, which is also known as non-prep veneers and it is perfect for you if you want to rid yourself the hassle of multiple dental visits. You could opt for the regular veneer procedure which would generally involve two dental visits, where at the first visit the dentist will discuss any potential concerns, and go over the cost and other post care information, and most importantly assess your teeth in order to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for this treatment.

At the second procedure, our professionals will have the porcelain casings ready, having made them according to the size of your teeth of which they would have taken an x-ray or made a mould to get the sizing perfect at your previous visit.

The procedure involves our dentists scraping off some enamel from your tooth and fitting in the porcelain casing over your teeth. This procedure is completely painless. If you wish to alter the shape or size of your teeth, veneers can be useful for you, as when they’re being made you could request for them to be made wider or straighter so that instead of resorting to time-consuming mechanisms to straighten out your teeth, you could beautify your teeth instantly!