Dental Veneers

The dental veneers are thin sheets of composite (resin) or porcelain (ceramic) that are adhered to the tooth by means of very sophisticated techniques that allow its conservation in the mouth in the long term. Once adhered on the teeth, the dental veneers cater to the aesthetics of the smile. It is something like a nice "front sticker" that improves the image of the denture.

With the innovations of the esthetic dentistry, more people are looking forward to restoring their natural smile with the help of veneers. When a person puts on dental veneers, they cover their original teeth and therefore leave a much more attractive smile on display, showing the typical "perfect" dentures which grab the attention of movie stars, models and celebrities.

The dental veneers have been designed and introduced when the dentistry meets aesthetics. They enable people to own the smile they desire. When the oral condition is affected by accidents, blows and other external factors, people can still entertain hopes for a perfect smile thanks to the dental veneers.

In terms of dental care, we highlight the fact that the veneers are a treatment of dental aesthetics. Therefore, they can NOT be used in case of oral health problems that require treatment, since the veneers only mask them, but they do not solve them. Therefore, health problems must be addressed and well treated before placing the veneers to avoid risks.

It is relatively a fast treatment. Soon after the veneers are adhered, the look of your face undergoes a total transformation with the most natural looking smile. It is a non-invasive treatment since it requires a minimal elimination of dental structure, being much less likely to affect the internal nerve of the tooth being therefore a less destructive option.

We at American Excellence Medical & Dental Center, are committed to help you restore your natural smile aesthetically. Our highly skilled technicians fabricate the dental veneers with the best material which ensures their long term durability. With the in-house laboratory facilities and the latest technology used in dentistry, we are capable of offering the world-class treatment for our patients without wasting their time and money. Our highly qualified dentists are on constant communication with the technicians to fabricate the veneers with no defect. With our dedication and commitment, we have been able to help a number of patients obtain their youthful white smile. With all these amenities, we can assure you that we provide you best quality, painless, stress free and personalized dental treatments in a friendly, caring and homely environment.

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Veneers FAQ's

1What Are Dental Veneers?
A dental veneer is a type of restoration that the dentist specializes in dental aesthetics, in order to improve the aesthetics of the patient's smile. The veneer is placed on the tooth or teeth to be treated as a mask, to cover any dental defects or blemishes that you wish to hide.
2What Are Dental Veneers For?
Regardless of the causes of unattractive teeth, dental veneers can solve most or even all of your cosmetic dental problems including worn or torn teeth, genetic based teeth problems and uneven teeth.
3How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?
The price of dental veneers can vary depending on the type of veneers chosen, as well as the dental clinic where the procedure is done.
4When Is It Appropriate To Resort To Veneers?
The removal of any natural structure of the tooth is permanent, so cosmetic dentists today prefer to offer patients the most minimally invasive options. If your natural teeth are functionally and aesthetically adequate, dental veneers may not be the right treatment for you. However, if you have some lesions, uneven or discolored teeth, your treatment options may include porcelain veneers or composite veneers. Porcelain veneers have the added benefits of longevity and a proven ability to improve the appearance of the mouth, smile and other facial features as they are better supported by the teeth if properly placed.
5How Long Dental Veneers Last
Dental veneers can last for many years, however there is always the risk that they can be splintered or broken as with the teeth themselves. The dentist in general is the one who tells the patient how long it will last each veneer, in addition to that if necessary, a new veneer can be placed.