• Laser Hair Removal

    In American Excellence, we use high technology laser machine for hair removal to get the best result without any pain. The STAR DUO works with two different ways by burning out the fine and light hair on the top, and selectively heating the root and shaft of the hair follicle. Normally four to six treatments are recommended to get the optimum results.
  • Face Contouring

    From Botox to Fillers you can lift and tone your skin with no side effect and no downtime. Botox also used to reduce extreme sweating of the palms and armpits. For Fillers, we use Hyaluronic acid injections for smoothing out facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Facials & Peels

    At American Excellence, we have different kind of peels, Organic Pumpkin Peel, Blue Peel Radiance, Cosmelan Peel, Dermamelan Peel, Laser carbon Peel, these different kinds of peel correct all your skin issues like scars, sun damage and pigmentation. Also, we have different kind of Facial to achieve and maintain optimal skin health.
  • Semi Permeant Makeup and Microblading

    We offer Semi Permanent makeup for Eye brow, lips and eyeliner, also we have the microblading for Eye brow. Our beauty specialist is qualified semi-permanent makeup artist with more than 15 years’ experience.
  • Tattoo Removal

    It erases all kind of tattoo, Tattoos need 4 to 8 sessions to be removed, depend on the skin type and the type of tattoo.
  • Slimming & Tightening

    We use the best machines for fat Freezing and Anti cellulite treatment, the Coolsculpting procedure is the only FDA approved for non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Reaction by Viora is the best machine cellulite reduction and skin tightening, it stimulates collagen production.
  • Hair Loss Treatment

    PRP Platelet-rich plasma, is non-surgical treatment for hair growth. In American Excellence Medical and Dental Center, we provide high quality procedures to promote hair growth in natural and healthy way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How often should I visit a dermatologist in Dubai?

We recommend you to visit your dermatologist in Dubai at least once a year for a thorough skin assessment. However, if you experience any skin issues, such as acne or a rash, you should see your dermatologist immediately. Many skin conditions can be treated easily by visiting a dermatology clinic.

What are the treatments for acne and rosacea?

Acne and rosacea are treatable conditions. Mild acne requires only surface treatment, such as antibacterial and drying agents. While moderate or severe acne may need both surface treatment and oral antibiotics. Learn more about different dermatology conditions and treatments through the American Academy of Dermatology website.

What is the difference between a medical and cosmetic dermatology procedure?

A medical dermatological procedure is necessary for the diagnosis and restoration of your skin’s health. On the other hand, a cosmetic dermatological procedure aims to improve the appearance and condition of your skin.

How does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy is used to treat various skin conditions. There are different types of lasers used for different conditions but they all operate from the same principle. Laser therapy uses a powerful beam of light to shrink, cut or remove the affected skin and encourage its new growth.

How do you test for an allergy?

Common methods to test for an allergy include blood tests, skin prick tests, and patch testing.

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